Organize your home to reduce clutter

August 26, 2008

Home, if not properly cared or managed, can become a nightmare of clutter and junks! Worse if you have a home office. Hence, proper organization tips have to be exercised if one were to triumph over the domestic debris.

Let say you have a lot of files and papers at your room, how are you going to manage them?

Generally, this is just chores to be managed and not that difficult, although it may be tiring. You have to get it started immediately and do not procrastinate.

Do not clutter, as what Maria Duval advises.

Let say you have a home office, with those piles of invoices and drawings, the best to get them organized is to start organizing how you file your papers, as this will really save you a lot of precious space and improve the overall tidiness.

Personally I like space to be neat and tidy. Files and papers are inevitable and I believe it is more about how i feel about the space than about how the space really looks. So when there are important letters, I will file them. If not, I will shred them. I just hate papers lying around aimlessly.

It is also helpful if you have a filing structure. For example I have several giant files sub divided into small folders for different categories of the papers, like bills, bank statements, letters, or receipts. Once you have set it up, remember to tell yourself not to throw the papers around after reading them. Use the files you have set up. In this way you will have a habit. If you have important notices that need action, I suggest you get a board and use stationary pins to pin them to the board. In this way you will not forget to follow up. After you have finished acting on it, then you file them.

Common sense, isn’t it? You will be shocked to know how many ppl throw their papers around!

Another home item that messes up the home tidiness is the electrical wires. What I do is I buy cable coils to arrange them together so that they can be placed snugly together. There is no solution to this unless everything is wireless!

The most important tip to make you home free from clutter is of course, do not bring home stuff that you do not need. I think many people just do not understand this and fall prey easily by buying stuff on a spur of a moment. After the emotion has cooled down, the item will be discarded to a corner and clutter builds up over time.

So remember to shop for things that you need. You save space, save money and save yourself from clutters too!

Let energy flow smoothly in your house.


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