Is your dog psychic?

August 24, 2008

I read from a website that someone conducted a study on the psychic ability of dogs. It was interesting.

Yes for sometime, I believe your pet dog is clairvoyant.

Why is that so? Cool, haven’t you noticed your pet dog always seems to wait for you by the gate when you reach home, no matter what is the time you get home? Even when you try to sneak in…

Experiments performed by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake of Cambridge University, showed that a dog spent 70% of the time by the gate when the owner was in the way home, and only 20% when the owner was not. Amazing isn’t it?

This phenomenon is not just observed in dogs. Our purring feline friends also exhibit such ability.

So are they really psychic and clairvoyant? Or is it because they have better sensory abilities than us?

No matter what it is, there are experiments one can find out.

Set Up Video Camera

Record your doggie and feline when you are away. Make notes what time you left and when you decide to come home. The result could be exhilarating and it would change the way how you think of your pet.

Work with a Friend

Ask a friend to watch your dog while you are away. Have that person call you at a random time on your excursion out, and “tell” you to come home and have your friend tells you the behavior of your pet….

Anyone who has done such experiments before? Please share?

If this is proven to be the case, it goes to say some animals could be spiritually linked, just like us. So it would be terribly bad if one were to mistreat or abuse them. You are just reaping your own bad karma.

Love animals!


One Response to “Is your dog psychic?”

  1. Ginae Says:

    Shoot yeah, they’re psychic. It’s endlessly funny to me how that my dog yawns when I speak to her in a spiritual manner.

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