Dream big

August 21, 2008

I am writing this hours after what sprinter Usain Bolt had done in the 200m sprint. Michael Johnson said he was not ready to break the world record, but he was proven wrong! Inside Bolt’s mind must be the word “I am the winner”. So strong is the desire to win in style that he had honed his mentality to one that is nearly impregnably confident.

He put in the effort in training, and coupled with his natural talent for sprinting, he has turned this Olympics to one that is representative of his feat in the track.

Yes, we can be ready yet still lose. However, that is not the point here. What i am trying to say is to be daring to DREAM BIG. Usain desperately wanted to have the 200m world record hence he put in his best in the final and he succeeded in doing so. He could have just slowed down in the last 20m meter if he wanted and still won the event at ease. But that was not what he wanted. In life, we should be like him in the track, dream big, aim high, and go for it, within the moral principles of course! Who knows, you have a fair chance of breaking your own world record too..

Yes, DREAM BIG, you have the ability to achieve what you dream for, no doubt about it. Dream and work for it and you will achieve it! While people may distract you or dismissing you totally, stand firm in the barrage of doubts and criticisms.

Do your best and even if you fall, you have no regrets about it because you have put in your best! By dreaming big then you are truly re-defining your life.

If you are not happy with your life, job, or anything, dream big and think outside the box, free your mind from the shackles. You will rediscover yourself surely…

People like Bolt who is now idolized by millions earned our respect by stepping out and going after their dream. So, what is your world record you are after? Define one that is within your sight today!


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