Controlling your psychic self

August 21, 2008

What is the meaning of “sensitive” in the psychic world?

“Sensitive” here means easily receiving and detecting changes in energy, moods and feelings of people at a higher level than common people.

Example, perhaps you can readily tell a person’s mood is changing tempestuous when you see from their body language or expression, or you know who calls even before you pick up phone, or, you feel you will meet your old friend today in the supermarket and it happens! Even if you have the psychic sense to see those from “the other side” out of the corner of your eyes?

I understand it could be disturbing if you have this kind of ability. It will be frightening at times if you can predict events in the future or tell when someone is dying, like in the movie “Final Destination”.

Psychic Maria Duval advises that if you have such ability, congratulations! The correct way to handle this is not to evade from it, but to opening embrace it into your world and life this psychic side of you.
This is so you are then able to control your experiences.

Why is that so?

It is important to be able to control your psychic energy and steer it within the vicinity of your life. In other words, make good use of it rather than run away from it as this is a precious gift from God.

It is reported somewhere that an increase in psychic energy could give rise to an aura field that is strong enough to break small bulbs. This is actually something out of control. You want it to steer it and bring it under control, and that is by honing and developing it more. Like characters in the series Hero, who discover their out of the world ability and able to use it when needed to “save the world”.

Life will then come to a manageable level and you will begin to enjoy your improvement in ESP sensory skills. Your psychic gifts will when embraced, allowing you to learn more about your inner nature and self, and what’s imperative to your life mission.


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