Sixth sense and who are we

August 20, 2008

Sixth Sense
We have 6th sense. That intuition. The gut feeling. They are common to everyone. Ask any mother about the gut feeling they get when it comes to protecting their children and they will tell you that it’s as natural as the rain to listen to that inner voice.

We use this 6th sense nearly everyday yet we don’t know it! For example, every time we get that feeling that we need to take a different route home and we find that there was an accident on the route we normally take. Or that uneasy feeling one gets when you walk at the back alley in the night. This need is a byproduct of fear and is a basic primitive survival method.

On who we are
As intelligent human beings we have an in-built desire to seek and to understanding who we are, why we are on earth, and what happens after we die. These questions remain impossible to answer even as we continue to develop.

As a result, we have this subconscious spiritual anxiety that perpetuates our search for the answer as it creates discomfort at the very core of our being. No belief system can convincingly explain these answers because we are too diverse! It will not be possible to explain our existence and sell it to every human in the earth.

So, try talking with an expert psychic or spiritualist today to learn who you really are and get the information about how you can tap into the hidden resources of your mind and spirit to quell the anxiety and answer the questions about who you really are.

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