Spiritual mind and success

August 18, 2008

Maria Duval says our spiritual mind is a treasure to be nurtured and loved, and a source of motivation that propels us to successes. If our spiritual mind is rightly aligned and sculpted, we will come to discover unlimited riches within us.

Yes, we are always constantly challenging the limits of our capability. Just take a look at our advanced interconnected world at this moment and realize in just fifty years, we have radically changed the way we live through technologies.

Yet despite this astonishing achievement, there is still not enough emphasis on our spiritual development and our spiritual life, as a result, is often misunderstood to be “anti-progress”.

Maria Duval and many spiritual gurus have said that personal growth is closely linked to our spiritual developments and vice versa. Through spiritual growth, we discover ourselves and we move into a new region of personal improvement that focuses on inner paradigm rather than just cosmetic aspect only.

The focus is on the HUMAN SPIRITS, that is the harmonious bond between different races of humans, nature, and universe. The advances we have will not make us complete and better human beings, unless there is presence of human spirits. Our spiritual mind therefore brings freedom from fear and pain, and gives purpose and meaning to our life.

Since young, we told ourselves to work hard for success when we grow up. When we have achieved some moderate successes in life, we often start to think what it all means. People I have come across told me despite the healthy finances they have accumulated, they are unhappy.

Maria Duval tells me without psychic and spiritual fulfillment, the mountain of golds we have built up is just like a mountain of rock that is meaningless and shallow. That is why we are seeing some famous ultra rich people setting up charities organizations under their names, and this is to build up spiritual success; a sense of wholeness and community, humility, and love.

In conclusion, the more we empower our spiritual mind, the more we are able to work on our ego to break the limitations of physical self, and this is what Maria Duval means by inner healing. This is the true path to boundless and abundant living and the ultimate meaning of success.


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