Maria Duval – universal laws are immutable

August 17, 2008

There is a growing trend which is global in the area of personal development. If you are not sure about it, you could be guessing what is the meaning of “Universal” or “Cosmic” law. Well, you could have known the answer already, and have unknowingly experienced the effects of the law on your life every day.

Let’s explore more about this.

Everyone knows what is gravity – a pull exerted on all objects on earth. This is an universal law we have got too used to. Another is electricity. So Maria Duval says that is the universal law that many people are unaware of hence unable to use it to their advantage.

I guess by now you must be wondering what is the universal law most people are unaware of. Right, that is the Law of Attraction.

This law explicitly states that “like attracts like” and “thought correlates with the object of its purpose”.

Simply means, if a person thinks about failure all the time, failure will definitely comes into life one day. So isn’t it more fruitful to tune the way you think and only focus on success?

Yes it is simply way, yet many people are have difficult time implementing this law in their lives. Maria Duval also points out that all laws of universes like law of attraction or law of gravity are immutable meaning they are applicable in all individuals no matter who you are, whether in the past, present or future.
Before going any further, it’s helpful to point out that all universal laws are immutable – that is, they remain as they are and have never changed, nor will they ever change in the future.

That means no matter under what circumstances, the law of attraction will never change and will always be working among us – both rich and poor. Once you recognize this law, the possibilities it brings are within our own grasps. Problems no longer worry us, poverty no longer approaches us, and sorrow no longer accompanies us, simply because all these things have been created with this law as the basic foundation…

Isn’t it exciting to know about this law today? Yes, everyone has a chance of prosperity, but it all starts in your own mind by applying this law in your life.

And the fastest way is to start applying it in your life TODAY by visualizing about what you want and achieve in life as clearly as possible and follow it closely! Do it, like many great men from the past can attest!


3 Responses to “Maria Duval – universal laws are immutable”

  1. Joan Fleming Says:

    You have stolen money from my mother who has had strokes that have left her with dementia, I want a refund. Money was taken from a person who cannot afford it. Return it. Her name is Dorothy J Moore, 7087 Sunset
    Dr. Mechanicsville, Va. I am her POA. You have scammed her out of money she cannot afford. She is 78yrs old and just barely surviving. How could you do that to someone like my Mom? I hope God punishes you for such a bad thing.

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Dear Joan,

    I am very sorry to hear that. But I am not Maria Duval and I can’t help you except to inform you that Maria Duval honors refund requests for those who feel her help can’t work out. So far my experience with her is very positive. Maybe you can write in to her to seek refunds.

    All the best!

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