Intention to shape up my body

August 14, 2008

Every person living wishes to have a great body, that alluring physical charms to captivate opposite sex, no matter you are single or married, isn’t it? Maria Duval says use the power of intentions and manifestations to self-improve, so why not intent for a better physical self to give yourself added confidence?

This is my intention to shape up my body.

I want an ideal physical body that is lean, slim and slender. A fair bit of tan would be even better. I wish to achieve a height of 5’7″ and weigh 125 lbs by March 1 2009. I know I can achieve that if I put in some effort.

I love to exercise and work out sweating. I love running in the Nature to breath in the fresh mountain air that invigorates. I want to take up mountain biking, hiking, cross country jogging and aerobics indoors. In winter months, I will go snow skiing. Initialli I will start at a lower difficulty level to tone up first. Later, I will add on to the difficulty by make it more challenging and to get my heart rate running faster. In this way, I will increase my metabolism meaning I will shed more fats with the food I consume.

While I work out, I will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Nature and exalt at the beauty of the World. This improves my spiritual bonding with Mother Nature. I want to work out 3 times a week at least for 30 minutes up to 1 hour. I am not afraid of laziness to push myself. Naturally I am a good athlete and by working up, I will look more youth with more energy. On weekend, I will join my friends for an indoor aerobics and yoga to regulate my breathing and improve concentration.

From now on, I will eat healthily with two servings of fruits each day. No more midnight burgers and chips. My food will consist of a lot of fruits and vegetable. Less red meat and balanced amount of grains and wheats. I will also drink 8 glass of water each day as our bodies constantly need a lot of water to replenish. Because of my awareness of my diet. I am incredibly lean. I have a very trim and athletic figure. I sleep well at night too.

Thank you Universe for giving me what I intent.


One Response to “Intention to shape up my body”

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