Let us express gratitude

August 13, 2008

Psychic Maria Duval has always encourage me to gratitude to as many thing as I can in life. Spiritually, the effect is like it brings in more of what we want. This act also connects us to the Divine Source.
We all know about gratitude and its effect on our lives. We express gratitude and it brings in more of what we want. It connects us to the Divine, Source.

I would like to share with you a short story on a realization about my inconsistent experience with regards to gratitude.

It was on a bright summer day a couple months ago. I was in my office as I tried to resolve some important issues on hand by making some calls overseas and, to my amazement, I learn that my father’s estate had been settled, meaning I’d be receiving some money. This is truly amazing and out of the blue…This matches to what Maria Duval has been mentioning to me about a sum of money coming into my life soon. Before that, I was very unsure if I would be getting anything but who cares, that is after all, not my money.

Immediately, I said thanks to my Dad, whom I did not have a particularly bonding relationship with him as he had walked out on the family when I was still very young. I was sad when I heard he had passed away four years ago and to receive something from him is really heartwarming. I also express wholehearted gratitude to the Divine.

Half an hour later, I felt something was not right. The feeling was weird. I felt uneasy too, as if a tinge of guilt invading my heart making it extremely heavy. So why?

I think I realized that this good news just couldn’t sunk in completely yet. That was why there was some bit of rejection. I breathed in deeply taking in the blessing of the miracle of this four year settlement of the estate. Finally, I got to the full blown feeling of gratitude as every atom in my body vibrate positively.

This is how I have cultivated keen of sense when it comes to gratitude. I wish I can express more of it in life just that sometimes we just become taking things for granted that we completely forget about expressing gratitude this very spiritual act. I wanted to cultivate more gratitude in my life. The problem was not that I did not have enough things to be grateful about, it was that I was side stepping them or moving past them too quickly or just plain over looking them.


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