Manifesting powers

August 12, 2008

Given a chance to talk to a wizard, what is the the important thing you want him to grant you? I think most people will say it is money. Money is the most basic level of needs for a decent life. With more money, you can feel your personal power, confidence and more freedom to do things you like to do. Sadly few people ever have the ability to be a money magnet. I wish I can be one.

Maria Duval gives this general idea on the best secret in manifesting money faster.

Believe it or not, it is your spiritual power that is the key to up tempo your manifesting power. When you have done that, you find that the law of attraction somehow works better in your life. A person needs to have this manifesting power in life otherwise it would be tough in life.

It is possible to maintain this manifesting power however you will lose it when you feel depressed, fearful or anxious. Some more, if there is disbelief about this law of attraction it will further decrease your manifesting power because you have self doubts and negative emotions which drag down your spiritual power. When this happens, you will find you are less “magnetic” to your desire.

So, when you increase your spiritual power you can manifest what you desire faster as it increases the effects of your visualization and affirmations. This results in you become more magnetic to your desires. Hence money comes without a struggle in the most unusual ways.


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