No worries!

August 10, 2008

People have many worries in life. There is never a minute when we have nothing to worry about. If you say you have no worries in life, that is a lie. The richest people have worries too. After all, we are the same spiritually and we worry. There is no way to totally eliminate worries, but there are tips on how to reduces the amount of worry you have in life.

So how to stop worries and be a more positive person in life?

When I was young kid worry over the exam results, my mom would tell me, “Do not worry about the results, go find an activity that is totally absorbing that it completely distracts you. I know it won’t last, at least you stop worrying for 15 minutes and you are happy for 15 minutes!”

It makes sense I feel. Why makes thing so complicated. This is an easy way out.

That was innocent years. As I grew up, I realized worry was not like a light switch that could be turn on and off at will. This requires a strong mental strength to switch it off that may get you months and years before one can take control of life again and becoming positive.

Think carefully about these questions, what is so frightening about the future? Why are you afraid? What are you really worry about? Does worry over something solve the predicament or problem ahead?

My psychic Maria Duval, has these few tips to conquer worries:

One highly neglected activity in this age of keypads and keyboards is, WRITING! Yes, get a pen and paper, sit down and write what’re in your mind. Write about your worries, happiness, and everything. Even though I blog sometimes, I can tell you, nothing feels better than holding a pen and writing your thoughts to a piece of paper…The stuff in your head loses its power once it’s let outside. Once you write down everything you worry about, its grip on you weakens significantly.

Another way is to use distraction techniques like watching a funny movie or engaging in a challenging sports that bring your mind to focus on something totally different. This can work wonders and let you get a kick out of for whatever reason.

Next. Pray. Praying is a sacred and intimating time communicating with the Higher Intelligence of the Universe and through it, our thought signals are sent to the higher plane. One can be a non religious person yet he or she can still pray. There are many things to pray for in life. Pray that you will be less worried and that the Divine One would guide your through the challenges ahead. A prayer session after meditation would be great. Write down your worries and pray for intelligence, strength and health to solve these worries.

Maria Duval concurs that to worry is highly negative and is a huge leak of your spiritual energy. The only thing we can do in this life is show up, take some action. When we do, we do our best, keep our motives clean and then leave the outcome up to the Universe. The outcome is something generally we have no control over. We do what we can have some control over and we let it go.


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