Oneness and interconnectedness

August 6, 2008

Right now, Maria Duval has written that each human being is interconnected on a spiritual and consciousness level. What does Maria actually mean? In my own words, I feel there is a need still, be in myself or others to gain more insight into this new paradigm even though we hardly understand it, and this is an absolute reality. I have this paradigm because this is what my intuition tells me that we are all ONE. I’m very empathetic, often to the extent that it’s difficult to discern whether an emotion originates within myself or within someone that’s around me.

Let me use the example of the network I am linked to now – the Internet. Yes it is a truly revolutionary invention of mankind. If makes every human within touch of each other no matter where they are. If you disconnect a computer from the internet that capability is lost but the computer continues to exist apart from this connection. Each computer on its own won’t malfunction if it were detached from Internet and it continues to function on its own. Hence everyone is ONE and ONE is everything.

The reason I’m sharing personal views on this is because I believe that interconnectedness leads to the conclusion that everything is one. Honestly I don’t know much about this profound concept of oneness. To understand transcendental truth is to transcend this realm of existence I guess.

Language is not enough to deal with such topics, and each of our thoughts are closely linked to our own language. Oneness is just thought constructs which may be based on contact with higher entities.

I again admit i am very lacking in this area. Perhaps it is less apt when it is an imperfect human being communicating with another imperfect human being, but it seems like something we should keep in mind. These constructs are made solely so we can make sense of what we’ve uncovered and put it to use. That’s how we grow. Like a child that has to move on from educational toys to proper schooling, so too must we be flexible with the concepts we adopt.

By no means do I wish to say the all-is-one model of the universe is totally wrong and should be abandoned. As I’ve said, I believe we are interconnected, that at the very least we’re made of the same basic cosmic ingredients and that results in a method to gel and communicate in a greater capacity than we dared to dream. Oneness is, at the very least, a plausible explanation or outcome of this way of thinking.

In conclusion, I repeat that interconnectedness could be said to be a form of oneness and in anything you do or act, we are actually interacting with the larger Universe for the first time far beyond.

One Response to “Oneness and interconnectedness”

  1. I believe that you are right: “Language is not enough to deal with such topics.” It reminds me of a conversation I had this morning about the teenage brain. Teenagers are notorious for not being able to the right words to their feelings. But give them pictures to work with and amazing ideas come forth.

    So often we can get stuck in the tape player of our typical thoughts. The place that I intuitively went to about 12 years ago to expand beyound thinking was visuals: pictures and photographs, intuitive collage work.

    I’ve found that personal visuals created from an intuitive connection (rather than consciously directed) can powerfully show us aspects of our existence both seen and unseen. We can see our inner magnificence that is with us always to access. We can more easily appreciate the interconnectedness of the universe and our conection other people through these visual constructs. This interconnectedness (love) simply explodes through visual representations.

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