Would you want to astral travel?

August 5, 2008

I know there is this ability called “astral projection”, and for one to have this astral ability, that is a talent that is right out of the fantasy or sci-fi movies, like this movie called “Jumper”, whom the hero can go to another in the world in a flash when he focuses his mind on the destination.

Could astral projection be a possibility? I wish to believe it is yet there is lack of evidence from what i see. If you can astral project, does that mean your privacy could be at stake? And I can go to another place anytime, without having those laborious airport transfers. Wouldn’t it be very nice if I can learn that? I would save a lot of money on transportations!

Anyways, I guess it is not possible to prove anything yet if there is astral projection because when it happens, it is away from the physical layer of the world, but some mystical “fourth dimension”? We are already detached from the limitations of the physical world. To add, I’m fairly certain I’m not in the physical universe when I’m astral. And much of the time, I’m off in some other dimension that looks nothing at all like the physical world.

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