August 4, 2008

Well, I am not someone who gets fed up easily. Cool demeanor is always my impression to others. Rarely have someone see me throwing a tantrum except a couple of very old friends and my family of course.

A little incident happened the other day at my place. And it made me lose my “coolness” a bit.

I am not sure what was going on. Maybe that time of the month is here and I am not shy to say that. Had this little gathering with some closer group of people at my humble house for a barbecue and catchup. I had prepared quite a lot of food and beers and expected to be a long happy night with them. It has been more than 1 year since I had met them.

We were pretty much chilling on my deck, listen to some soothing light music, BBQ’ing and having beers. A little half an hour had passed and suddenly this lady K shrieked, oh no, it was going to have a storm…I want to go off now.

This shriek really got people panicked and paranoid set it. Within fifteen minutes, my house was emptied. What was left behind were piles of food. How am I going to clear that myself??

I was like “Are you serious!!?? You’re leaving because it MIGHT rain?” And they’re like “Yeah, I don’t wanna have to drive in the rain!!”

Either these guys are too weak-minded or they seriously are petrified of driving in rain. I can’t imagine what they’re like in the winter when it snows.. I’m sorry but I seem to lose more and more faith in the human race with each passing day. There is this widespread mentality of fearing anything before it starts.

Is the world turning worse? Hope not!



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