Spiritually aware means…

August 3, 2008

Maria Duval says everyone is born spiritual because we are spirit and soul by nature and that is indisputable..what exactly does it mean by that? As you probably agree, we are always doing our best to work hard to survive in this world. Most of us are educated in schools and we are told to obey how it should be and we believed them and pass the grades.

We are also born spiritual beings and some people do vehemently disagree and try to justify to us we are not. The difference is, if one is spiritual then he does not have to think about it, otherwise he or she believes it is not….The more we think about being spiritual the further we move away from the experience of being spiritual.

I have come across people who regard being religious is being spiritual. The truth is, it is not. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual.

So what is the advantage of being spiritually aware, and what is the nature of spirit and spirituality? The spirit is the servant of the ego and what the mind can perceive the spirit will conceive. When people ask me what’s so special of being spiritual, I always reply it makes our lives simpler, we decide for better choices and we have the chances to live in abundance which is not restricted to just physical abundance.

In being spiritually aware we move in harmony with our destiny or purpose in life. And as we move with spirit we lose our fear of death and of the afterlife. Death becomes a welcomed and earned new beginning. Peace of mind is our reality not a goal. And being spiritually aware makes our physical life more desirable…

Maria Duval teaches purposefully if you allow spirit into your life awareness, then your life will no longer be a hardship but it comes naturally within your ability to accept and let go of what you have experienced and been taught.

I think everyone needs to be spiritual in order for us to see a peaceful and harmonious world.


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