Flush out the negativities from your thoughts

July 24, 2008

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says abundance can be attracted by any person who with a conscious mind. The person does not necessarily be a top intellect or genius. The buzzword is “open-minded”.

Yes, some people just receive abundance easily more than others. Look around, there are still many people struggling in poverty, even in this great country. Worldwide, majority of people are facing poverty day in and day out.

What really is “abundance”? A simple word but unattainable quest?

Simply, it means plentiful amount of supply like riches, food, wealth and love. The very essence of ideal living. As you look around, you realize the opposite state which is scarcity seems to be the actual representation.

Why is attracting all the goodness in life so much difficult to achieve while an average or even miserable life seem to find the way into many people’s life? Maria Duval thinks it has something to do with the positivity and negativity.

It means our thoughts, our beliefs, education, family values and personal experiences all come together to project subconsciously in our mind that scarcity is for “masses” while abundance is only for the privileged fews. So because of this predominant thinking of resigning to fate, negativity is seen to be more “mainstream” or “acceptable”.

That should not be the way of thinking. Maria Duval suggests that to overcome this thought, the best way is to “flush out” and let go as much as possible, of all the negativities accumulated through the years of conditioning. With right methods, the discharging of those negative feelings can be done in a very natural and easy manner without struggle. And what is left is the natural, the real you.


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