A purpose driven life

July 22, 2008

Do you life a purpose driven life? Wait..maybe I shall explain what is the meaning of that in my own understanding. Feel free to give comments.

A common perception of purpose driven life is we set a life mission or slogan for ourselves and strive with determination towards our goals, and not caring what are in the path.
The purpose driven life is more than just the famous series of books. It is actually the mission that many of us miss or fail to understand. Many of us view the phrase as something akin to a life motto or a business slogan and we actually have visions of people with set determination in their faces, barrelling towards their goals, unmindful of everything in their path. This is only half right, or half wrong..

This is not about having a blind ambtion, but about finding the most important section of our lives and form a strong foundation based on it. Everything will just be built around this foundation. In the end, as you can see, it is more than just reaching out to your goal, but it essentially becomes the cornerstone of our very existence and the fulcrum in which we work and behave, to ourselves or to others.

As you look around, probably you will see many people who live happily and seemingly having a life with purpose. They seem to be doing better than you, and happier than you. Their lives seem so colorful compared to your own dull life chapters.

This is actually the problem of perception, which is common. By ‘doing fine’, these individuals don’t even know what sort of possibilities exist in their lives that they can actually benefit from. Maybe they themselves are ruing the missed opportunities or they are probably thinking you are having an exciting purpose driven life. That’s probably the greatest irony. Maria Duval says, everything you see is an image, and this image is just an illusion that results as your brain processes it.

To find your purpose driven life requires a lot of time of self discovery. It is a continual process to understand yourself. It is more than just setting yourself a mission as said. It is actually living the life and practicing the principles to actually enjoy and benefit from it.

One thing to be clarified is that you do not have to be a religious person to life a purpose driven life.
We can all reach our potentials by recognizing our self worth and working towards a goal without attaching ourselves to a belief system. Yeah, it’s right to say having an religious affiliation may help and as it brings more positive effects to some people like teamwork or peer support. Being a member of a religious group may help and it has shown to have positive effects on some people, but there’s no need to participate any group in order to live a purpose driven life.

So start to discover about yourself today. The best way? Ask your inner personal guide!


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