A little bit of positive thought makes your job better..

July 14, 2008

I look forward to a short holiday in a nearby resort which I have always longed to go. Finally I had a chance to go there with some friends. It was really a impromptu trip with no pre plans. I like it when there is no pressure when it comes to holiday plans. Well, like anyone going to a vacation, I’m looking forward to leaving work behind, but I am as equally sad when i think of the moment the vacation ends and I report back to the office.

It happens to everyone. Once the holiday is over, we dread with heavy steps back to our workplace, instead of just being cheerful and positive. Oh no, I’ve got to rush the project report when I come back! But what if one could harness that blissful holiday mood and bring it to work every day?

Think of it positively. What if I tell myself to look forward to work! Do you think it’s a normal thought? I believe that attitudes and mental states are all self-created. Maria Duval says everything we belief is all due to our mind conditioning.

Our pre-opinion or verdict of a situation, does emphatically change our mental and emotional state we are in. And this explains why there are happy days and there are depressing days. To be truthful, I do resent work, and it is an epic struggle to get out of the bed on working day mornings. Not because I don’t like it, but because I, like anyone else, can simply get tired, burnt out, or cranky. And when those feelings set in, I dread going to work, despite the fact that I’m exactly where I want to be in terms of career, and in terms of a chosen profession and a workplace.

But last week, with the onset of a cold, I became snarly and resentful. I know that is poor negative and I should not behave in that way. Work, barring Satan’s den, was the last place I wanted to be. And all due to a little sniffly cold that banished the good vibes from my being.

While there’s little one can do for a cold, there’s a lot one can do to bring a good attitude into work every day. A wise friend once told me that we are made to work. And work is defined by any endeavor
that one chooses in life, be it an office job pushing paper, or voluntarily building huts and toilets for refugees.

I’m not a religious person, but something resonated when she asked me to consider any work I did as God’s work. The way I see it, God – or whatever force is responsible for putting the universe and all it holds into being – is a creator, and creating is his/her/its profession.

And this may be the key to understanding exactly how, as so many religious texts say, humans are made in God’s image. Any work we choose to do is deeply and irrevocably connected to that spirit of creation. Which means that work – and again I stress here, any work – is a divine function. You and I are not simply cogs in a machine. Instead, through working, we are fulfilling our purpose in life, our purpose here on this earth.

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