The mystery of psychic ability and clairvoyance

July 6, 2008

We can explore mysterious world which is beyond the detection of our five normal sense through a very special kind of profession called psychics and mediums. They open a door for us to reach that astral plane which is another dimension in our Universe and this is the supernatural world of spirits which many people do not believe to exists.

Scientifically, no one has proved the existence of this astral plane but there are researches about the out -of-body (OBE) experience which may prove to be way how science can explain the psychic phenomenon.

Everyone knows we only use a tenth of our brain resources. So have anyone wondered is the other 90% lying there dormant and wasted? It would not be wise to suggest that. Is this 90% the key to explain the psychic mystery? Or the sixth sense?

In actual fact, Maria Duval has explained that we develop psychic ability is due to the fact that we are smaller in size as compared to wild beasts in the very ancient time. Human beings with intelligence and that keen sixth sense are just too powerful even for the strongest of wild beasts. The ability to sense, that which lies beyond our five senses, would have been an invaluable tool to early man.

Some people dismiss the idea of psychic talent in us but that does not mean it does not exist. This is a very huge mystery which our modern equipment and techniques are unable to measure or detect. Yet,
the possibility of psychic ability, in our mysterious universe, is still a plausible explanation for many unexplained phenomenon.

It stands to reason that the psychic abilities should be considered as a viable alternative explanation to recognized unexplained paranormal phenomenon like clairvoyance until scientific findings can tell us otherwise.

Only when all the possible plausible explanations, hypothesis, and theories have been tested subjectively using the scientific method and disproved can any true scientist or skeptic state with 95% confidence that psychics and human psychic abilities do not exist.

3 Responses to “The mystery of psychic ability and clairvoyance”

  1. justin Says:

    knowing the old time saying of “ringing in your ears means someones talking about you.” well i just wondered how much that is true? I know the ringing caused by loud music, noise, etc… but what about one that is almost impossible to explain, almost coincidental when touching something or someone… Not constant but pitch changes. Looked every where for an explanation to this… I have no known health issues and hearing test passed with flying colors. I have many more questions about psychic ability… but this one really hits me on a daily basis. If anyone can explain, thank you.

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Dear Justin,

    Congratulations! Base on what you said, I feel you could be experiencing heightened senses of awareness beyond the usual 5 senses or “clairvoyance”, which is also the psychic ability or power to see objects, and visions, or to gain information in the future, and some times in the past. Do you have telepathy, visions, or dreams?

    Jackie R.

  3. cole Says:


    To be honest, I am very skeptic when it comes to paranormal subjects such as psychic abilities.

    While I was outside taking a break a while ago, a man approached me and gave me what I consider crappy info about I am about to be rich and so on. Eventually he wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it and gave it to me saying it will make me rich. He then asked me to write a 4 digit combination number for the lottery and this alerted my skeptic sense of a David Blaine similar street magic / trick so I played along and tried to catch him. I wrote a number which is a special date to me and my girlfriend and figured that if he was just guessing, he had statistically a 1/3024 chance to succeed (9*8*7*6). Also, the paper he gave me before hand never left my hand the entire time (as skeptic as I was I would catch the trick right there and then if it did). To my shock and disbelief, it had the correct number I gave him and I was quite unnerved to realize that he wrote the number before I even thought of it.

    Is there a chance you could enlighten me on this? I am presently exhausting every source I can find in science and statistics to disprove the possibility of any psychic influence in what I have just encountered.

    But in the end I guess I was unnerved enough to consider and even actually consult this with you.

    Hope you can help enlighten me…


    PS. Nope. I still don’t believe the number to be a winning lottery combination but I desperately want to know how the man was able to “predict” the number I would write.

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