Maria Duval: Pluto in Capricorn

July 2, 2008

According to Maria Duval, the psychic and astrologer, it takes around 240 years for planet Pluto to travel around the zodiac as Pluto is the slowest planet when compared to the rest of the planets. Pluto in Capricorn is an astrological event which often sees major transformation in the Earth, like politics and social changes. Interesting, there were a few major changes in the history of mankind when the spell from Pluto in Capricorn last happened from 1776 to 1791.

Maria Duval World Astrology

If we flip open the history and look back, during this period of time, there was the French Revolution, the creation of the United States, power struggles with the hierarchical status quo and the independence of peoples. The same period that saw the American Independence, 1776 to 1791, also corresponds to the disintegration of English supremacy in the Americas.

In addition, Maria Duval points to the fact that French Revolution was in fact part of a chain of revolutions playing out across western Europe and the Americas: the American Revolution (1770-1783), revolutionary troubles in Ireland and England (1780-1783), revolution in the United Provinces (1783-1787), democratic revolutions in Geneva (1766-1768 and 1782), all under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn.

Looking even further back in time, in around 1530, Pluto in Capricorn saw the introduction by Henry VIII of Anglicism, causing a schism with the Catholic church.

This is world astrology Maria Duval is talking about during the period of Pluto in Capricorn which influences and guides some countries, such as the British Isles, China and the whole of Asia. Pluto is a planet of transformation and Capricorn represents the sign allied to power.

So Maria Duval regards that both the United States and the UK are both facing a period of transformation. It’s also the first time the US will see the return of Pluto to its original position (for around 240 years).

Furthermore, Capricorn also represents regions of Asia in a state of flux. Buddhism may well see a resurgence, while Christianity and Islam are entering periods of schism and division.

Correspondingly, the last transit of Pluto through Capricorn (1762) coincided with the decline of the Monarchy that lay at the root of the French revolution in 1789.

That’s why we may see some major changes in the next 2 decades!


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