A little about electro sensory perception ESP

June 3, 2008

There is a movie called “The Sixth Sense“. It was quite a famous movie some years back and you might have watched it then. This movie is about ESP, or extra sensory perception. Simply it means sensory information received without inputs from our normal five senses.

Some people like Maria Duval were born with natural ESP ability that allow them to sense more than what we could see, hear and feel. Their intuition levels are higher too and it is as if their were supernatural. But too often, societies view them as outcasts, or freaks and shun them, as we relate the world only to our five innate senses.

Despite of this rejection, we continue to learn a lot of things from people with ESP talents. We discover that all of us are actually psychic in nature, meaning this talent can be learned by embarking to a journey that travels inward into our deepest spiritual self to discover that long lost ability in us.

There are many kinds of ESP psychic classes like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairempathy, psychometry, psychokinesis, intuition, telepathy, mental influence, psychic healing and auric sight. Each of these special abilities is a mystery even in today’s advanced sciences and scientists still cannot understand why there is such thing as ESP in us. But one thing is for sure, each of this ESP ability makes a really good script for the next blockbuster movie!


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  1. […] will then come to a manageable level and you will begin to enjoy your improvement in ESP sensory skills. Your psychic gifts will when embraced, allowing you to learn more about your inner […]

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