Do you find it hard to understand yourself?

April 2, 2008

I have to admit, sometimes, I find it hard even to understand myself. What do I want from this life? Do I want to live it away contentedly but normally, or, do I set myself a realistic target and push myself hard to get into the class of the richer guys. At the moment, the former seems more like my life. However, whenever I watch on TV, read on the papers, or the autobiographies of some famous people, I feel as if I were wasting my few decades of existence in this Earth. And I’ll feel mildly pressured and told myself if they could. But after a few, the feeling subsided and I was back to normal.

Do you get what I mean and do you have this feeling too?

I guess it could be something due to the mental concentration. Maria Duval, my psychic, said that great successful men have SUPERB concentration like a magnifying glass concentrating sunlight to a single ray of burning power!

Just now I meditated for 20 minutes because I felt that my concentration wavers too easily and I told myself I needed to get that back on right track because that was the only way to improve my thoughts. Now I feel better. It is amazing what deep meditation can do for you. It is a good mental exercise for us busy working people.


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