Life choices we faced everyday

March 10, 2008

We are faced with choices in life almost everyday. So how to ensure you have made the best choice? I think the key is to being the process of understanding how important it is to be conscious and aware of the choices you are making and whether those choices are serving you or not.

My view is that we got to go through a process which is something not that good before we really learn something called “experience”. For example, I went through the process of poverty as a teenager and that was a very tough period for me as a young adult trying to affirm my presence in the society. That toughened me up mentally and make me gain that “never-give-up” attitude.

Now comes the important question. Are you making your choices consciously or unconsciously? Really think about that one. Remember we are thinking up the life of your dreams here.

For example, when you are surfing your favorite Facebook or Myspace knowing some new net friends, your mind is fully focused to it. You are processing the data you read on the screen. That’s what I mean by thinking consciously and want to know more new friends to expand your social circle, which is something really positive.

But what happens when you log off from the site? Are you going to switch on the telly to watch the latest “reality shows” or are you going through the latest tech geeks catalog so that you know what to buy to fill up your tech collection which is rather fruitless possession? So I do not think that is conscious living. This is short-term gratification, and we are going for the long haul, the big picture, the effortless life that awaits us when we wake up to this clarion call to consciously view life as a process.

Start the process of consciously being aware of your current situation and the begin to consciously make choices that open up different avenues of thought that have the potential to create the life of your grandest dreams and aspirations.


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