Three ways to improve mindfulness in life

March 6, 2008

Yesterday I posted about mindful living I learned from psychic Maria Duval, so today I continue to write about three ways in which you can do to improve mindful living. It is interesting if you wish to have a more spiritual and contented life, against the mad rush for forever-not-enough materialistic gains of this world. You need to take a break sometimes, folks:

Slow the pace

Don’t you think our lives are moving too fast nowadays? We rush through everything we do and there is this firm belief that we have to achieve more and gain more in the shortest time in order to gain a fruitful life. There is science evidence that points out that those people who are happier and healthier are more contented and they are appreciate of things have already have. Personally I think buying a little new toy to pamper yourself is recommendable, but I’m totally against the idea of owning the latest and most lavish items as the better way of living. Put more heart and soul into the life and relationships concerning you. Slow down. Reflect more. Contemplate. Be mindful. Be thoughtful. By slowing down, it makes it easier for you to be mindful. You will discover that it is the simple things in life that truly mean a lot.

Writing, or blogging

Writing is a good way to self contemplate as you need to ponder about the words and ideas you are trying to put down into the record. It makes you more aware of your inner thoughts and feelings. I find that blogging is a great way of writing. Instead of writing you just typing. Just like what I’m doing now. I need to think how I’m trying to expressing. That’s how I learn and grow mindfully too. Hence writing or blogging does help to increase your daily mindfulness so that it becomes easier for you to be more mindful in daily life.


Lastly, I learn from Maria Duval that meditation is one of the most sacred and spiritual ways one can do to enlighten yourself spiritually and intuitively. I realize that more people are turning to meditation to calm themselves down as form of de-stress mentally. It’s glad to know that as there is still this idea of meditation being for religious fanatics or for monks. The truth is meditation is a mental exercise that greatly sharpens our mindfulness and is most useful for our daily lives.

If you can adopt what I mention above into your life, I’m sure there will be an increased mindfulness and great personal transformation in your life. This also gives you a sense of empowerment that immediately boosts your self esteem, increases joy and a positive attitude towards life.

3 Responses to “Three ways to improve mindfulness in life”

  1. X Says:

    she’s a fraud. Only after people’s money.

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi X, it would be glad if you have some proofs to that statement. Thank you 🙂

  3. Adrian B. Says:

    The only problem with Maria Duval is most of what is on her website is completely unintelligible :(. I tried reading about her post on mindfulness and meditation, and I found this:

    “crawled and fell, to actually erudite to hike, so it would not be greeted by such a mode, so first thing to recollect is, we get vanished in the midst of all that is around you the tress the humans who are actually mission for a exact or gratitude, whether they’re individual or macro, to come, and assume our palm on top of our chest”

    What the devil does that mean?? lol :). She definately stretches the boundaries that certain words CAN be used – like using macro to mean more than I guess you can understand if you look carefully.

    Anyways, this is all egotistical but it entertains me. Time to be mindful again

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