mindful living is our essence in life

March 5, 2008

Most of my friends are grown up adults with family and kids to take care. Whenever we talk, one of the biggest topics is about the lifestyle and finances. We are pouring our hearts out about the stresses in life, the credits we owned or how to gain better credit ratings so we can borrow more from banks and lenders much more easily in order to sustain the lifestyle.

I think these are really dangerous. But it seems like most of us are doing that. It makes this country a country of debts. All these are made worse by the weaker dollar and higher gas prices. That is why there is a need for a drastic change in how this great country is administered. So, 2008 is the year! I just wonder what’s Maria Duval’s forecast and prediction for this country in the next few years?

Stressful lifestyle is unhealthy for the body, for relationships and for the spirits. There is also a urgent need for each of us to take charge well of our lives again! If we are to regain control over our lives, we must slow down, re-focus and contemplate so that there is a balance of lifestyle that is good for the body, the emotion, the spirit and relationships. This is the essence of which is mindful living, not the blindness rush for financial powers.

In the next post, I’ll share my humble knowledge I learn from Maria Duval about 3 ways to lead a mindful living.


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