Sense of calmness

February 20, 2008

Ever since the first day that I received Maria Duval’s letter and opened the first envelope, a calmness came over my entire being. Something that I never felt before, and it felt wonderful. With faith and attitude, you can change your luck and you’ll find that wind of prosperity is blowing at your direction more often.

For example, my mom played the video machines and she won 455$. She was holding two Maria Duval talismans of love and money in her hand. With her experiences, I feel good about myself and I must say a lot happier.

I also like to say since I’ve been in a positive state of mind, my life is becoming less stressful and more peaceful. Some of my customers and colleagues said my complexion even looked better and even asked me what cosmetics did I use. I just told them it was all the mind most important. You feel good, you look good naturally.

I shall stop here for now.


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