Music brings creative and soothing mood to your daily life

January 26, 2008

I like music. I think this is something I’ve never mentioned here before. I’m still a rather private person when it comes to blogging. I just don’t feel comfortable “stripping bare” my life to show it here. Music has always been part of my life and I love it since young and I learned music theory in my college days. I have a flute in my room but I have not played it for a long time. Usually I’m on my classical CD’s and I love to set it to replay mode. The music increases my creativity and its notes stimulate my thinking level.

Among so many types, my favorite are “Masques et Bergamasques” by French composer Faure. It gives you a deep mood of peace, calmness and transquility.

“Valse Triste” by Finnish legend Sibelius and Chopin’s “Tristesse” are really great as accompaniments to my meditation sessions. They are transcendental.

But if I need inspirations, particularly on a sleepy morning, I turn on Dvorak’s 4th movement from the “New World Symphony”, his 9th symphony, which was inspired by his visit to America. Youtube below. Isn’t it majestic?

If I need some bright cheerful and lifting moments, there are “The Three-conerned Hat” by Falla and the Farandole in “L’Arlésienne Suite Number 2” by Bizet.

I hope you like my music recommendation.


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