Telepathic seances with Maria Duval

January 19, 2008

I have been doing sessions of telepathic seances with Maria Duval for the last couple of months during the evening time. I really enjoy the sessions so much so that I think my stress is washed out everytime it ends. I know Maria Duval is working her psychic magic over at her side for people like me who believes in her.

With Maria’s talismans for luck and money, love and friendship, my life certain improve as what she says. I’m not gaining unending riches but I do feel I have the “rich” mentality all inside me and this is the most important I feel. Think and visualize what you want to be.

Just to update my mom who I introduced to Maria Duval is feeling great spiritually too. She’s smiling and feeling cheerful not like previous times when she would feel depressed over her life events easily. She’d even won jackpot in the casino a couple of times!


3 Responses to “Telepathic seances with Maria Duval”

  1. lija Says:


    Can somebody could help me to contact Maria Duval, and if possible could anybody contact me yo my Mobile or E-mail.

    Mobile – 00447845134957
    E-mail –

    Thanky yuo very much.

  2. Robin Keves Says:

    Dear Maria,
    I ordered your Tailsman ring on Feb.22,2008 from a mailing that I recieved from you. I was to send a post dated check which I did not. I sent a money order, the Money order # was 34958. I am still waiting to recieve this ring> The name of the ring was the Ring of Re, I was to wear it for 30 days and if I did not recieve any benifits from wearing the ring I would be refunded. I was to send the post dated check to this address. Destiny Research Group-1285 Baring Blvd #409 – Sparks,NV -89434-8673. The reason I am contacting you is to find out what has happened. I have been coresponding with you for years and I do not know what has happened. In the letter I recieved from you I was sent a picture of a car that you were suppose to of been in. The car was in a serious accident. The car looked like it was a miricle that you servived. Do you know what I am talking about? Please reply back to me at this e-mail address. Sincerely, Mrs. Robin L. Keves

  3. Jackie R. Says:

    I’m sorry, lija and Robin, you may like to write a letter to the address found in the letters from Maria to you. This is what I do to contact her.

    Wish you all the best!

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