Take a break and enjoy the silence

December 10, 2007

Nowadays things are going so fast that we hardly have time to pause a bit and experience anything as they are.

With the technologies converging in, personal space is going to be at a premium, that could be the reason why we like to complain so much too.

I should say, take a break and enjoy to the sound of silence where we will find answers to what we wish to now.

Intuitively we develop knowledge if we just listen to the silence.

Knowledge that is beyond the normal means of intellectual reasoning can be called intuitive knowledge and the good thing is all of us have such gift but we do not know of its existence as we are too busy.

It is why you can catch it when there is silence and it will answer what you have to ask.

In the silence of our thoughts lies the answer to every question that we have, the solution to our every perceived problem.

It a way of mind discipline and the result of it is we gain intuitive knowledge.

We should know that by doing so, you will gain peace in your hear when we have realized it we see that everything that we do, everything that we are, is flow, from one moment to the next, in a seamless sequence.


2 Responses to “Take a break and enjoy the silence”

  1. Adrian B. Says:

    This is a really useful piece of advice..I remember sitting on my bed in silence, asking myself questions and finding really satisfying answers. Its the most important thing, to know the truth first before you do anything else but for the longest time I never believed I could find the ultimate truth. This seems to be the way though, hopefully through silence and mindfulness I will be able to experience the greater reality as it truly is, and if Eckhart Tolle’s writings are any indication, it seems I will eventually!

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Thank you for your comment Adrian B. Yes, in the silence, you can hear your inner voice talking to you and this is your closest ally talking to you. We won’t normally hear it in noisy settings.

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