Rare – Maria duval interview clip!

October 18, 2007

I did a search at google for this term “maria duval” and as I have never done that before. It’s just a moment of curiosity to see what will churn out. A HR friend told me that she would google the applicant’s name before she asked the person in for the 2nd interview so as to find out more about the background of the person, like Facebook profile, MySpace and whether there are any blogs or cyber hideouts.

That’s why it’s scary to know internet has lots of information about you especially if you are someone more famous. So do be careful of the traces you leave behind as you surf. 😛

For Maria Duval, I found something of hers like several videos. This is great I think for I really feel she needs more public appearances and positive branding. I hope to see more of her this year as she’s helped me a lot to get on with my life.

Here’s a video link of Maria Duval.

maria duval video

2 Responses to “Rare – Maria duval interview clip!”

  1. linda Says:

    over the years i know she tryed to make a diffencence in my life iwish i could personally meet her to say thankyou

  2. Audrey Says:

    Maria Duval’s predictions for my future have been accurate. She is a reliable psychic to deal with.

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