Open the doors of the universe

October 12, 2007

I have always like to have more positive energy – i’m not a energy sucking creature – so as to improve my life and people around me. Why is that a good thing you ask? Like air, positive psychic energy is around us from universe as this planet is formed with such energy. Hence we all need to absorb positive energy to stay healthy and successful.

Negative thoughts accumulates more cosmic debt and karma thus leave us demoralized and disjointed. Doing the opposite perpetuates a cosmic domino effect which cascades and culminates as a positive path into our future.

At work, we are faced with all sorts of pressures that make us want to quit for good. We complain and we make ourselves miserable. My office has full of whining guys who pour their sorrows to me as they find I’m such a nice listener. I always advise them to look for the brighter side whenever they can. There are always two sides to a coin. Instead of saying grumbling about never ending stresses why not think of the fact that you are learning new knowledge all these while?

We open our doors of the universe to us as we change our thoughts. By focusing on and looking for positive outcomes in our lives we actually minimize and mitigate the effects of the negative and maximize and create the reality we long for. We literally cancel out the negative forces in our lives and have a surplus of positive energy to promote and better ourselves.


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