Ask and listen from your Subconscious

August 27, 2007

We face some dilemmas at some stage of their lives. No matter whether you are working adult, a carefree teenager or a growing child. You are constantly finding yourself having a make a decision which you think at that stage of your life could be the defining moment of your future.

For example, as a teenager, you need to decide which college faculty you wish to get into, or what science project you need to submit in your final university year in order to get a top grade. Or if you are an adult, would he or she be the one that I wish to marry?

Everyday we are faced with questions. Who can we turn to in our solace? Probably you say God if you are a religious person. But God has also given us a powerful instrument called Subconscious Mind that can help us to navigate the course of our life if we know how to look at its compass.

Consult your subconscious in your every challenge, or if you have to make a really tough decision and you have no idea what it will turn out. I learn from Maria Duval most people decide using human logics which probably base more on experience and rational explanation. While this is possibly true in certain extend, I’ll prefer to advise people to learn how to use your personal guidance as it is always there to help and guide you, without any grumbling or annoyance.

As an example, you have two really good guys to choose from but you can only decide on one (don’t suggest two-timing, LOL), ask your personal companion – your subconscious – for help. Ask it this way, “Infinite wisdom of my subconscious mind, I ask for your help in deciding which guy shall be the one who I shall choose to marry and I ask for your help and guidance in making a decision that is best for me.”

Next you would have to LISTEN attentively for its answers. Close your eyes in a quiet place and relax, and be calm to any mental prompts that come your way. Sometimes the answer would be there so fast, and that’s normal too as the answer could come in a form of a sign or action.

And I assure you that answer will come, it has happened to me, and I’m delighted to have listen to its advice. Your subconscious could tell you next day or next week and you need to be attentive to pick up its message. If you miss it, take it on the chin and ask again, do it until you receive the answer. Your subconscious is a patient servant, and it won’t be annoyed at you for repeated questions!


One Response to “Ask and listen from your Subconscious”

  1. Karla Says:

    I highly agree with you and appreciate your input. I prefer to call it my intuition, and yes it does help.
    I would like more of your advice,tho, about what a person can do if, oh say they have some demons in their life that like to suck everything out of them? I mean people that will not go away, that are so dysfunctional that they literally suck you so dry that you get sick, and can’t stay well for very long. I have done everything I can possibly do, I want to be a good Christian, I have rebuked them, begged them to leave me alone, apologized for everything I may have done. I have even gone so far as to say I would get down on my hands and knees in the parking lot, where I live, and beg. Yet I feel I should not have to answer to any human being the way I would do for God!!!I would do anything for Him if He asked me to. But I can’t hardly read my bible, or listen to church on T.V., let alone go to church. Please,….if you can, help me.

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