Affirm in a positive tone

August 24, 2007

Reading through Maria Duval’s books, I realize that if you are making affirmations for your subconscious mind, one thing to note for you is that please affirm it in a positive tone, meaning do not say “I don’t want to drink anymore”, even though your intention is truly wanting to quit drinking. This is negative. Say it positively like “I WANT to be free from alcohols and I want my body to be healthy!” This is positive affirmation at work. Also in your daily conversation, do not use common negative phrases like “not bad”, “I don’t think so”, “It’s not uncommon”, and etc….

Besides this, its paramount to tune yourself to the light of the positive mental thoughts by saying “I’ll be lucky”, “I’m getting more wealthy”, “I’ll get a table at a restaurant”, “I’ll find a seat at the subway”, or “Things are always working out for me smoothly”. Just so not say “I’m probably unlucky”, “I’m a born loser”, which really harms you greatly subconsciously and spiritually. Yet that’s the way most people think!


One Response to “Affirm in a positive tone”

  1. Very true, yet I often find this one hard to do. I used to use “I feel no pain” to get rid of headaches. Not very positive but it worked a treat. I must admit I’m quicker to reach for the paracetamol now that I’m a bit older.

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