Making your positive affirmation

August 23, 2007

Right, I shall write about a simple way to exercise your subconscious mind from what I learn from Maria Duval.

Let say you want to wake up early at 6am in the next morning and you do not wish to use an alarm clock for that. But you have that super tool in your – your SUBCONSCIOUS – to help you. Just before you go to sleep, affirm yourself very strongly and determinedly that you wish to wake up at 6am. So affirm this message to your subconscious, “I want to wake up at 6am for a early morning meeting with friends”. At the same time, paint a vivid picture of your alarm clock showing 6am. Once you affirm it, I can assure you will get up in time.

From this simple exercise, one can tell that using your subconscious is all about making vivid lifelike impressions through creative visualization – another topic discuss many times by Maria Duval. What you wish to attain you got to paint it well with a personal affirmation message and repeat it various times per day, preferably in the morning when you just wake up or just before you sleep. Make sure you mean what you say when you repeat the message or else it could defeat the purpose.


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