Are you looking for your next “magic product”?

August 7, 2007

Hope all of your are feeling great as ever.

Recently, I have been chatting rather seriously with a couple of friends about human mentality and we came to the same conclusion that there is a general mentality among many of us here who dream being making it one day to be successful and rich, but in the end, nearly all of them are unable to achieve what they wish.

What’s really going on?

I myself have been in such conundrum before. I can perfectly understand the anguish of such state of mind and existence.

Exploring more, the idea of that we can be successful and rich is through the “chance”.

What do I mean exactly?

Have you been hoping from one opportunity to another opportunity, or changing from job to job hoping to strike the Holy Grail of your life? That is the meaning of chance. People attended seminar to seminar, buying one self-improvement book to another. And they say, this is going to be the ONE that changes my life FINALLY! Sadly, nothing has changed.

I regard this as positive actions that people want to eradicate their less than satisfactory level of life at the current moment, be it in health, prosperity or relationships. But the problem is that most people once having engaged gear one, they fail to take advantage of the gaining momentum to shift to gear two or more.

After the purchase of the “magic products”, they literally bring a grinding stop to their plans. They fail to learn or pick up right knowledge from their “magic products”, and they simply despair or move to the next one, hoping for the big CHANCE.

That is why there are so many failures around. Failures due to one’s inability to sustain the right momentum. Many times these bitter folk will harass the author, or seller of the system, yet they refuse to even read or apply it.

There is no lottery to win in the self improvement market. It literally takes a change inside akin to a spiritual conversion. It takes work, hard unrelenting, and sometimes painful work to succeed in your goals. For me personally, I learn it the hard way. I learn from the useful information in the books and services I purchase. I take my own responsibility and give credit to the authors where they are due.

I know I’m not in the best position to tell all these. I write what I know of and feel that most success is achieved through small incremental and purposeful changes in habit and the creation of new beneficial habits. Successes do not come by chance nor will they come once you pay for the “magic products”. Successes come from the change of the natural person inside.

You can read “Think and Grow Rich” 1000 times but if you are not going to apply what inside there, it is just as useless as running a marathon in a hot summer day. So if you are in this class of “self-hoping” people, before you are going to buy the next piece of magic, think hard do you really need it.

I guess the common answer would be a big “NO”.


2 Responses to “Are you looking for your next “magic product”?”

  1. Sdek Says:

    thanks for this Nice article! i’ll link
    it in my next post in family and
    self improvement on

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi Sdek, thanks for your comments. You have an excellent blog full of info too!

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