Do not accept fate as it is

May 9, 2007

Life is like waves. It may be calm now but hazardous in the next hour and back to calm again after that. Life is not like a steady mountain that stands there in near motionlessness. I guess everyone knows about what I just written, however, why are there still so many people crushed when things don’t go their way? We’ve got to rely in ourselves and our ability to tide us through, otherwise, you are just another wasted speck of dust in this world. We must always be prepared for uneventful surprises.

When things don’t go our way, some people will just sit on that fact and blame it on the fate. They accept that whatever happens is destined and there is a sort of some enlightened calmness about them. In the worst case, some who believe in fate are also very inactive because they accept whatever comes their way without making any effort to fight the situation. Certainly one can believe in fate. But that should not stop us to act positively.

Some of us think that they are left with nothing when tough times come. But that is not true. You may be facing the toughest time, but you are alive. That is an asset. If you are healthy, that is another asset. If your family is supporting you, that is one more asset. You have friends? Add them as your assets. These assets gives you positive inspiration. We feel that all is not lost. That is very important. To come out of the hopelessness is the first major step we should take during tough times.

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