Being spiritual

April 10, 2007

When I told my friends or colleagues that I’m a spiritual person, they often assume that I’m very religious. Well, this is a very common misconception. What do you really mean by ‘spiritual’?

To make the story short, this is my answer to this question.

To be spiritual really means the spiritulity in the person makes him/her cares about the fellow humans around them, as well as the animals, the environment and one the bigger picture, this planet. And of course, ther person’s highest priority is to be loving yourself and love others as ‘oneness’, and equality among all people.

So, if you go to church every Sunday and you pray daily, but you don’t care about yourself or the beings around you, that means you are not spiritual. You can also meditate regularly yet you are not conscious of your thoughts and actions, you are not spiritual too as you are being too judgemental. I’ve also met many religious people who are anything but kind.

In short, you can be spiritual without being religious, but, you can’t be religious without being spiritual. See the connection here?


How many times have you told yourself, that you will venture on a new project and you vow to make it successful. Initially you are full of zest and energy. Examples are, writing a book, start a business, or in a new job. Time passes fast and weeks later, your mind is telling you otherwise. You are beginning to find faults and give yourself excuses. More negativities set in and a couple of months later, the new venture that you so eagerly wanted to set off hasn’t even lifted!

Why is that so?

Well, maybe a change in your mindset will help you greatly. If you have come to the end of the road,instead of feeding on negativities surrounding the scenario, why you you adjustment you thinking from that of negative to one that is positive. For example, always telling yourself, “I can’t do it, I can’t solve it it, I can’t figure out how to make it happen”, change your perspective, change your mindset. The mind is a very powerful machine and it will always find ways to make what you are thinking happen.

So the next time you hit a block, instead of thinking “I can’t” ask yourself “How can I do it, or how can I afford it, how can I make it happen?” This starts the mind running, ideas you never would have thought of will occur to you, different options will open up. Doors that were previously closed will open. The negative mindset shuts the brain off, your creativity is locked down, and you take the easy way out. You believe that you can’t do it and so remain stuck in place. The other positive mindset opens the mind, stimulates the mind on how to make it happen, with a positive outcome.

Believe me, Heavens will reward those who are positive-minded. Just like what I learn from Maria Duval.

Just posted to update that I had a great day in the office because one grateful customer came in to our office looking for me saying nothing but kind words about me in front of my manager. That case of hers was processed a couple of months ago and I had nearly forgotten about it. It was really a surprise! I was as usual just working at my best to provide good service to her just like any other clients we have in our file. However, it was really pleasant to hear that as most of the time, the baddies are the one making the most noise. I believe this has got to do with the turn of luck I have recently thanks to Maria Duval’s talisman I’m carrying all the time. It really made my day sweet and my superior even recommended me for the employee of the month award!

Last night, I mediated for nearly half an hour. There are a few issues that I need to calm down and let the intuition come and tell me what should be the next course of action. Logical reasonings are just not enough for matters of the heart and soul. Only your own spirit and intuition can tell you what to do because they are part of you.

I think I have improved on meditation because I couldn’t go a half an hour one without giving up. Today is the longest one ever meditated, wow, it feels good if you know it. Before you can meditate all day long, you must first practice by sitting quietly — to get the idea. Try to sit every day at the same time, once in the morning and once at night. Sit for about 15 minutes to begin with, longer if you prefer but not too long. This is the only way to go about. Most people are can’t keep still for more than 10 minutes!

Try to extend the periods of concentration and reduce the time spent lost in thoughts. As you learn to do this, eventually you will be able to maintain this bright awareness for the entire meditation period with few thoughts arising. Then you will be able to take this bright awareness out into the world and remain in a constant state of meditation, using thought only when necessary.

Thanks Maria Duval for the guidance.

Positive affirmations

April 2, 2007

While we all prefer life to be rosy and go the way we want it, invariably it never does and situations crop up which are anything but perfect. We can choose to do two things about it either make the most out of a bad situation and accept it or deal with it the best way we can and then shrug it off and let it go. On the other hand we can choose to worry about it or sulk, grumble and moan and forever go around wondering why this happened and protesting what if.

An easy example of how this works could be imagining you are running a marathon for charity, you are getting tired, you ache, and you feel like giving up. As you run instead of thinking how tired you are and how much you ache replace these thoughts with “I can do it”, “I am almost there” or “I am doing this for others”. Simply by changing your thoughts to more positive ones you will find that you get a new spurt of energy, you no longer feel as tired or ache as much. You now have a new strength and more positive outlook to getting there.

Another important factor is to not look into the future with your affirmations, keep them in the present. For example say “I am” and not “I will”. Positivity is also the key; keep your affirmations on a positive note, after all you want to encourage positivity not negativity. The wording you choose for your affirmation should bring about a positive picture in your mind.

Finally, keep these affirmations in front of you as often as possible. This is done in two ways; that which is “seen” and that which is “unseen”. Personally, I have experienced dramatic results with a customized computer program that flashes my affirmations continuously and unobtrusively while I am working or surfing the internet. I also tape a list of my affirmations to my bathroom mirror, in my day planner, car dashboard, etc.