Have a good attitude – what does it mean?

April 25, 2007

We often tell off our friends, family or colleagues as “having wrong attitudes”. What exactly does that mean? Here is my take on ‘attitude’, after my meditation round last night and some reference from a Maria Duval book. A simple one 🙂

1. A desire to remain in touch with the advancing world through an open-minded acceptance that change is inevitable in this fast moving world. That desire for better personal growth and continual self-education no matter how chaotic this world will become.

2. It has been mentioned countless times. We should practise positive thinking no matter how difficult the situation is and that is the true test of greatness in personality. Positive attitude will get you far in life and you may achieve true success if you persist on with that positive energy.

3. Having a right forgiving attitude towards the family, friends, colleagues and any people you know of. Practise forgiveness, love, kindness and respect towards your fellow beings. It will grow you spiritually in a long way.


One Response to “Have a good attitude – what does it mean?”

  1. annerjen Says:

    You are right – having the right attitude is important in all your relationships and one way to shift your attitude is to practice gratitude – not just for all the materail external things in your lefe but for the internal things.Also to be grateful for everything in our lives even if they seem to be adverse situaltions. Forgiveness is certianly part of this. But your whole mindset shifts and you become a lot more tolerant of other people and situations. Life isn’t all just about ME! One article that has really helped me focus on making changes in my life can be found at: thesecretsofvisualization com/attractionreport.html I’ts worth checking out!

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