Enthusiasm and happiness

April 19, 2007

It is not easy to define what is happiness. Most of my friends are always chasing for that elusive happiness which are forever far away from the finishing line. Many of us are working longer even on weekends, like my colleagues always do. They devote not much time to their families thinking all will be fine. They say they want to build a lifestyle which will make them happy. However, there is always something we can’t afford and pressures to strive for more will not end. Technology keeps moving faster and we need to commit more money to subscribe to services resulted from the new technologies, if not, we are outdated. Why must there be such thinking? We should all live in the world which we feel comfortable in, not be pressurized externally as much as we can.

Let me share, to experience real happiness, stay enthusiastic as much as you can be treat life positively. Then pick up a new knowledge, language or skills and devote time to master it. Example, if you wish to learn Spanish without any knowledge about it is certainly not easy but if you have the right level of enthusiasm, you will be amazed what you can actually do. When you Spanish gets to the basic level where you can converse and understand, your enthusiasm level will go through the stars!

This I can guarantee you will definitely be happy! That’s the true meaning of happiness, not the endless pursuit of material comforts and wealth.


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