A vision

April 18, 2007

Meditated and prayed last night and I received a vision from the Higher Spiritual Being. The vision that I saw blended perfectly with what I have been contemplating all the time. Is my subconsious mind at fault today for this? Is he the one really for me? Apparently, my vision says he is! I am not sure totally. I hope there is another clearer sign for me soon therefore I feel unsure rather than exhilarated at this moment.

But I re-read Maria Duval’s forecast for me this year and it says with fair accuracy what I’m experiencing and thinking now. How magical, don’t you think so? That’s why I have trust and faith in Maria as she does not disappoint.

Away from this, I am very saddened by the tragic event happening at Virginia Tech. Why can such thing happen again and again over the years? This sad event will be long remembered by many people and I really hope this will press the legislators to pass some laws for more control of the guns.

With love and peace for the souls, I pray.


4 Responses to “A vision”

  1. edward clark Says:

    will i get things together at this most difficult time

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi, I’m not sure what’s your situation but I’m sure you will recover from that. Never loose your perseverance. A setback or failure is never definitive as it’s only a temporary setback and not a defeat. Regard it as a short term thing on your long road to success.


  3. ma Says:

    wot is expected coming into my life in general

  4. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi, I’m still not at a level to give such advice 🙂

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