Maria Duval’s site

April 15, 2007

Some people were telling me was not even properly filled up so Maria Duval could not possibly be there existing and she could just be a fake. I’m not sure since when this argument comes about however I know this kind of claim can only exist due to internet. Well, Maria Duval’s official home page can be found at and I make a plea to them, either Maria or her reps, whom happen to see this post, please seriously consider to buy over as well because most people’s minds are only tuned in to .com as something true, real and serious.

Away to something more personal, remember the guy whom I crashed my car into? Well, he and I are getting along so well that it is even surprising me. He’s a really sweet guy about 4 years older than me, and we have pretty similar tastes for music, food and general view of life. It’s really that pleasant and he opens my heart again for love and romance which I never expected at the turn of the year. I’ve told my mom and she’s ecstatic for me! Thanks Maria Duval.