Being spiritual

April 10, 2007

When I told my friends or colleagues that I’m a spiritual person, they often assume that I’m very religious. Well, this is a very common misconception. What do you really mean by ‘spiritual’?

To make the story short, this is my answer to this question.

To be spiritual really means the spiritulity in the person makes him/her cares about the fellow humans around them, as well as the animals, the environment and one the bigger picture, this planet. And of course, ther person’s highest priority is to be loving yourself and love others as ‘oneness’, and equality among all people.

So, if you go to church every Sunday and you pray daily, but you don’t care about yourself or the beings around you, that means you are not spiritual. You can also meditate regularly yet you are not conscious of your thoughts and actions, you are not spiritual too as you are being too judgemental. I’ve also met many religious people who are anything but kind.

In short, you can be spiritual without being religious, but, you can’t be religious without being spiritual. See the connection here?