May turn out to be true

March 29, 2007

According the Marie Duval’s prediction, she said I would find a new love in the first half of 2007 and I thought about it while having my breakfast this morning. It has been quite surprising and if the turn of the events in the last couple of weeks were to be the precursor to what it would be in the next few months, I guess Maria Duval’s prediction is turning out to be true. I am still not so sure about it though because I’m apprehensive as I suffered a big letdown in relationship a few years ago and I’d been shying away from it. Will see how it goes and develops on my part and I would not give myself pressure on this issue.

Today a colleague specially took an urgent leave and she really spoiled up my day because I had to take over what she was supposed to be doing for the day! And I had to start all over again to understand the cases she is handling. I think it is really irresponsible of her to throw her stuff to me simply because her dog is giving birth! What a reason! Now the whole office knows about this issue and she’ll be a laughing stock. I just vent my anger and frustration here only. I don’t blame or mad about her.


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