Inspiring encounter

March 28, 2007

I bumped into an old colleague while I was out for lunch this afternoon. It has been more than 2 yeas since I last met him. He was very surprised to see me too because it had been so unexpected. Refreshing some memories, he is really a person who likes to take the lead and motivate others and is a born leader. Positive and dare to go against the tides yet able to play the game such that management likes him too. Rightly so, I asked him about it and he told me he had been promoted to department manager. It’s not easy to be at the position because it is a very competitive place. Of course I’m happy for him because a person of his caliber should be right at where he belongs.

From him, I somehow realize that as long as we continue to dream and always keep close to our goals, we will achieve it one day. Not many people will fully grasp the meaning and he’s a living example of how it should be done. He certainly inspires me.


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