The aftermath…rambling mind

March 23, 2007

Yesterday’s morning minor accident really had me running with fear whenever I take the the wheels this evening on the way home. The front was damaged and the blessings are there on me because the car is still humming in normal conditions. I will send the car for the repair over the weekend which shouldn’t take up much time. I really got to say thank you praises to God and Maria Duval’s talisman for their timely miraculous intervention.

I told myself to focus well and checked the mirrors often. Mostly important is do not doze off during the journey. When I reach home, I really give a sigh of relief! To stop my mind ramblings, looks like I need some time to meditate and to slow down the anxiety of my conscious mind.

Just a short update for today! My eyes are tired from staring at the computer screen after a long day looking at it.


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