On my spiritual trail again..

March 20, 2007

Dear all, it’s a cold Monday and I’m back to office to work. What a busy day because they had some promotion events over the weekend and I’m lucky to miss it lol .. Many people I talk to thought that I am in insurance sales when I told them I work in insurance line. Well, I can understand because it’s just like when you say to people you are working in aviation, they assume you are a pilot! I’m already used to that kind of comments. I’m not in sales force and I’m just a administrative officer supporting the sales team. Sometimes when it is busy, I do need to go down to events to chip in my hours for the team. The good thing is I do get some referral fees if I manage to refer someone to the team. I don’t wish to reveal more information as it is inconvenient.

A few sales staff have approached me to join sales team before because they said I’m a good sales person haha. I should take that as a compliment as I really don’t have any intention to do that. People are just too paranoid to the surrounding and spirituality precisely because they left themselves no room away from their monetary chase as all of them regard materialism as God and they thrive on heated competition. This kind of life is devoid of joie de vivre to me. Do you think I’m too mundane in outlook? I think I’ll meditate on that and reflect upon my value of life again. It’s spiritual time again..


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