A weekend with my mom.

March 18, 2007

The weather was quite cold and I think it was because of blizzard and snow storm at the Northeast. Nowadays weathers are really unpredictable. Just days ago, we had this report from the NOAA that this is the warmest winter in over one hundred years. There was lack of snow in some European ski resorts and no snow recorded in Tokyo. Yet now we had this mess over here. Well, the weather was cloudy over the weekend and I had to drive extremely carefully for a couple of hours out of town to meet my mom who stays with my auntie. I visit them as much as I can and I love to be there in a more rural setting taking a break from the city life.

My mom is a generally strong but like many old folks, illnesses come and go. Luckily she exercises through a lot of brisk walking and gardening. However, she has been quite sicked since fall last year and I’m worried. By her own strength and positive attitude, her health had become better since last one month and I’m glad for it. She knows I consulted Maria Duval and she too has read something about her although not all of those are positive. Precisely she believed in me (and I’m glad) and wanted to consult Maria Duval herself too to improve on her life which she says is the most precious at her age.

Now she has the letter of Maria Duval analyzing her health prospects this year and I’m happy that Maria Duval says that she would be excellent and there is a lucky period coming up in the second half of the year. Maria Duval also advises her to carry a talisman so that she can attract more positive forces to overcome her inner negative energies that have been residing inside her since last year. This is roughly what Maria Duval says about her and never had I feel happier when I’m with her when I read that.


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