Maintaining the energy level is important

March 13, 2007

I admit we are living in this very busy world. In fact I find that we are too tensed up. People seldom smile at each other in big hectic cities and this is something I don’t like as it makes people seem so far away. Every morning on the way to workplace, I see many grumpy faces, my goodness, morning should be the happiest time of the day but somehow people are look stressed and emotionally depressed sometimes.

Spiritually we are lacking. The world of deadlines, time constraints, and mental pressures and at home you have family commitments, children, relationships and many other activities that requires your time and energy. All these take energy from your body and mind. I always share with my clients to live more for our life rather than purely for material returns because these won’t bring you true happiness. They are all very surprised and some even said I had laid back attitude. It’s true, how many wealthy men are truly happy in life? I think that they worry about their wealth and taxes. I do need some wealth however it’s not to the extent of purely blind pursuit at the expense of my spiritual wholeness. I have to thank Maria Duval for bringing me to light about this issue because I am much happier now compared to a couple years back.

I vow that I want to a life where I have a chance to see my children one day. I still have high hopes I can find a partner soon – I on a lookout constantly and I don’t think I’m losing the edge yet. I realize to address my energy levels now and don’t wait until physical ill health occurs in my way. Therefore when I’m free, I go for a walk, learn to meditate, smile a lot or eat well. All these are good ways to maintain my internal energies. Thanks Maria Duval because I learned this from you.

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