March 12, 2007

One blog i visited earlier catches my attention and one of the particular posts there talks about the prevalent usage of this word ‘but’. ‘But’, according to him, is a very negative word that because its usage in a sentence usually negates what the writer is really trying to express. Take for example, you say, “David, I don’t mean to reprimand you BUT what you did was really careless.” So, do you really mean to reprimand David or not? Subconsciously, your brain has already decided that David should be reprimanded and to David, he just knows that you are going to reprimand him.

It’s been known that the choice of words can have an effect in directing people’s thoughts and ‘but’ is one of those words. I complete agree of the blogger Sridhar because I think this word has already been overly misused, whether in daily conversations or those TV shows. Too much of it can subconsciously change you to a more negative person because of the word’s meaning. I would say, reduce as much as it as you can if you wish to build a better mental state with positive attitude.

Instead of using ‘but’, use ‘and’ in its place and it will have a very different effect. I hope I have expressed the idea well.


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