To ‘break away’ from the past

March 11, 2007

I am thinking of traveling abroad to have a chance to ‘break away’ from my past and my habitual thought patterns. Maybe I’ll plan it this year, sometime in the fall as it fits into my year plan which I had drawn up in January. Spiritually I feel I am waning despite doing my best to recharge. I bet I need some new fresh inspirations to bring my soul to newer height. The psychic forecast by Maria Duval also says that this year is suitable for me to travel long distance and is also a good time to explore new frontiers like learning a new knowledge, language or exploration.

As a human’s mindset is more or less fixed once he or she reaches adulthood, Maria Duval also tells me that there is an urgent need for me to readjust my mindset to those of the new economy if I wish to progress to the next level in terms of my skills and knowhow. Well, as in any change, some people around us will feel unsettled as they may have problems trying to adjust. I am not sure who will be unsettled but I hope it is not going to be my parents who I have great relationship with.

Digesting what Maria Duval says, I analyze my own thoughts during a meditation session and realize that taking a trip abroad to widen my insight would be great to uplift my spirits and to recharge my waning spiritual energy by taking up a new life challenge. What should that be?


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